• Chapter seven

    Getting back up

    Narration pt 1

    when everything has gone wrong, hope can still be found amidst the rubble.

  • t a k e n


    f o u n d

    spoken word continued

  • Hope

    first song

    Music video concept

    Character arrives at coffee shop. Sits down at usual table. Flash back to other videos, of all the past guys coming and sitting in the chair across from her. The barista watching from a distance, bringing her coffee and her not noticing. This time instead of a guy coming to drink coffee with her, she pulls out her bible and begins to read. Camera pans over scriptures about either love, about God being a loving father, the source of our peace, etc.) At the end, she looks up, and holding a flower with her coffee is the barista. She looks for a second, confused, pauses, then smiles. Reaches towards flower nervously.


  • Narration pt 2

  • lets go places

    • Female character's Hand is reaching toward flower. Show’s smile on her face.


    •  Character brings flower up to smell it, and spins/transitions to her in a field smelling it on mountainside. 


    • The ocean is in view (Takes place at beach rock village 69) Long flowy dress skirt.


    •  She twirls and is by wheat field (naha spot found) 


    • This video has a Full adventure type feel, exploring okinawa and enjoying nature’s beauty. 


    • Cut away to her in the Car, going all kinds of places (will be planned more in depth on next okinawa trip). 


    • Ends up at building that leads to rooftop that she jumped off of in intro video